• Keno: Go for System or Strategy?

    Keno above all things is a game of luck. There's no skill, no special knowledge or ability that you need to have in order to win in keno. If you have a hotline to Lady Luck, that's great - share it with us, will you? -if not, then your fate in keno is entirely out of your hands.

    Several keno players, however, insist on looking for ways to improve their chances of winning. Keno players are basically torn between two possible ways of improving their odds at keno: strategy and system.

    What do you think is better to use when playing keno? Should you stick to a particular system of play or is it better to go for strategic thinking? This advantage shall list the pros and cons of each type and let you decide for yourself which of the two you'd like to utilize when playing keno.

    Systems A lot of people are against using systems when gambling. Back in the old days, when keno was first introduced by a super smart military general - he actually used the game of keno to build funds for the military and guess what? He not only succeeded, he also used it to build the Great Wall of China - symbols or Chinese characters were used rather than the numbers 1 to 80.

    Back then, they had just one primary system of play: they tried to combine several characters in order to make up a line in a poem or just about any phrase that makes the slightest of sense.

    Naturally, you can't do that with the numbers 1 to 80 but whichever system you'll use at keno, its strength and foundation lies on how much you believe it would work for you - just like how the Chinese did so with their own system back then.

    Strategy This is not like forming a tactical plan to ambush a certain rebel army. When you use a strategy in a gambling game, all you're doing is following common sense and a proven and effective way of thinking.

    The most effective strategy in keno, according to experts, is to constantly remember that the game of keno is based on luck so no matter how much you wish it to be otherwise, there'd be times that you'll truly lose.

    If you bear that in mind when playing keno, you'll be able to manage your bankroll and take risks accordingly.

    So, what do you think is better - going for a system of play at keno or thinking strategically?

    Whichever way you end up using, we leave it up to you. Good luck and hope you have fun!

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