• Free Keno Systems to Choose From

    It's time to learn about the free keno systems that you can use while playing free keno or paid keno games. Free keno systems can be derived and used in numerous ways. In fact, you can make your own free keno system if you want!

    If you don't know how a free keno system works, here's how: free keno is all about choosing numbers, right? Well, while some people choose numbers for free keno randomly, others tend to use a sort of systematic approach towards choosing out numbers for their free keno game. Their approach is of course what we call a free keno system. There are literally thousands of free keno systems to choose from since there are no rules or limits at all when you start making your own free keno system!

    We'll discuss a few examples of free keno systems here so you could understand better how it works.

    Free Keno System Using Birthdays - If your birthday is on the 21st, you should encircle 21 in your ticket. Then do the same with the birthdays of your closest friends and loved ones. This is actually one of the most common free keno systems that is still of use even right this very moment.

    Free Keno System Using Favorite Numbers - The numbers you encircle in your ticket must correspond to your favorite numbers and if need be, those of your favorite people. With this system, you must be absolutely sure that all the numbers you've chosen are accurate or this system wouldn't work effectively´┐Żor so they say.

    Free Keno System Using Initials - It could be the initials of both the first and last name of people you know. Or you could simply limit it to the initials of their first names. When using this particular system, it's imperative to remember including YOUR initials as well.

    Free Keno Systems Using Special Numbers - This system will need you to take a little walk back at memory lane and recall the dates of special events in your life. Besides your birthday, use the dates of other memorable events in your life like your graduation day from college, your wedding anniversary, the first time you got promoted, the birthday of your first child and so on.

    Don't limit your choices to the free keno systems discussed above. Remember you can devise your own free keno system and it's up to you how that free keno system will work. We'll be glad as well to hear which of the free keno systems you've used had favorable results. Good luck!

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